Create web applications with data grid and spreadsheet-like controls.

A highly flexible and customizable vanilla JavaScript plugin. A large collection of events, extensions and configurations to meet your application requirements.

Used by great companies around the world

Filter options

It has the column property filterOptions, which helps developers overwrite the behavior of a cell based on the values of another cell.

“JSpreadsheet has been instrumental in our success as a company. Takeoff Lite would not be the world-class product it is without them. The support is top-notch as well”

Dee Giarratano,
CEO - Take off Lite

20 columns x 50000 rows (one million cells)

Manage thousands of data base records in an instant

With a new DOM management engine, the pagination and lazy loading options allow for higher efficiency when rendering tables.

“The latest version of Jspreadsheet is a powerful tool, providing an excellent front end for our spreadsheet interface. The Jspreadsheet team is helpful and quick to respond.”

Dana Stoesz,
Coder - Metrex

Flexible and customizable

The advanced integrated tab management system gives users a higher degree of flexibility in their usage.

“We vetted 10 JS spreadsheet components and we must say that jspreadsheet comes out as the best”

Lode Cools,
CTO & Co-founder - Bizzcontrol

Technical support

Technical support

Don’t get stuck on code. Jspreadsheet support team is ready to help you.

“It’s truly remarkable and nothing short of instrumental how this this tool has permitted the construction and implementation of a complete Spreadsheet solution within our Customer Portal, while reducing development time and keeping costs at bay - certainly making this tool essential for improving ROI and time-to-market. It is worth mentioning how well prepared and eager to provide assistance their technical support team is, either by email communications or directly through Google Meet and Zoom conference calls!”

Mauricio Javier Solórzano,
Software Engineer - QRMG

More features

Formula parsing

The upgraded formula engine ensures that the efficiency and accuracy of calculations are enhanced, even when dealing with chained formulas.

Decouple editors

It allows the overwriting of column properties for one specific cell. For example, the table can be configured to render a drop down in one specific cell within a text type column.

Real-time collaboration

Its real-time spreadsheet online sharing capacity gives multiple users the opportunity for effective collaboration.

Data persistence

It offers complete support for data persistence. Developers can persist not only data, but also the properties of data tables in a remote server. Data tables can thus be easily recreated. Stronger integration with remote servers enables better management of record IDs and remote data persistence.

Export to XLSX

With Jspreasheet you are able to export the data from JSS spreadsheet to a XLSX file.

Import from XLSX

With Jspreasheet you are able to import the data from XLSX file to your web-based spreadsheet.

Create applications with spreadsheet-like controls