Jspreadsheet Pro v7: The JavaScript spreadsheet

The Jexcel product name has changed to Jspreadsheet.

Jspreadsheet, a lightweight Vanilla JavaScript plugin, can help you create exceptional web-based interactive tables and spreadsheets. Compatible with most widely-used spreadsheet software. It offers users an unrivalled spreadsheet-like user experience. It also works well with prominent modern frameworks and flexibly utilizes a large collection of events, extensions and configurations to meet different application requirements. Impress your clients with a better user experience and a great dynamic interactive data management tool.

Impress your clients with a better user experience and a great dynamic interactive data management tool.

  • Make rich and user-friendly web interfaces and applications
  • Handle complicated data inputs with ease and convenience
  • Common shortcuts to move data from/to any other spreadsheet software
  • Improve software user experience
  • Create rich CRUDS and beautiful UI
  • Highly flexible and customizable
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Thousands of successful user cases

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Create amazing online spreadsheets

A basic example how to embed a JavaScript spreadsheet on your applications. I would like to see more examples.

Source code example

<script src="https://jspreadsheet.com/v7/jspreadsheet.js"></script>
<script src="https://jsuites.net/v4/jsuites.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://jsuites.net/v4/jsuites.css" type="text/css" />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://jspreadsheet.com/v7/jspreadsheet.css" type="text/css" />

<div id="spreadsheet"></div>

jspreadsheet(document.getElementById('spreadsheet'), {
    minDimensions: [10,10],

Differences between the Pro and Community Edition Versions

Feature Description
DOM management With a new DOM management engine, the pagination and lazy loading options allow for higher efficiency in table rendering.
Formula parsing The upgraded formula engine ensures that the efficiency and accuracy of calculations are enhanced, even when dealing with chained formulas.
Cross-Worksheet calculations Work with formulas from different and multiple worksheets.
Data persistance It offers complete support for data persistence. Developers can persist not only data, but also the properties of data tables in a remote server. Data tables can thus be easily recreated.

Stronger integration with remote servers enables better management of record IDs and remote data persistence.
Decouple editors It allows the overwriting of column properties for one specific cell. For example, the table can be configured to render a drop down in one specific cell within a text type column.
Filter options It has the column property filterOptions, which helps developers overwrite the behavior of a cell based on the values of another cell. For example, I have two date columns in a table; the second should not have a date that is before the one in the first.
Real-time collaboration Its real-time spreadsheet online sharing capacity gives multiple users the opportunity for effective collaboration.
Custom editor template It offers a lot of new native columns types and provides a new simplified custom type template. Developers can extend and create new custom column types within mere minutes.
Worksheet management The advanced integrated tab management system gives users a higher degree of flexibility in their usage, including the option to create new worksheets inside a spreadsheet.
Add-ons and extensions It supports add-ons and plugins, which allows developers to use third-party extensions or create their own add-ons.
Premium support It offers timely and comprehensive technical support to help developers maximize the potential of Jspreadsheet Pro and fulfil any application requirements.

Jspreadsheet History

The Jexcel product name has changed to Jspreadsheet from 7.9.4


  • tracking HTML editor type for closing automatically
  • update isFormula to remove # as a token
  • fixes with no-mask numeric/text
  • fixes on the calendar masking
  • oncopy to allow cancel the copying

Jspreadsheet v7.11.4

  • Lazyloading to 100 as default
  • New lazyNumber property to customize the lazyloading default number

Jspreadsheet 7.10.1

  • Tooltip property to the columns
  • New arguments to the onlazyloading event
  • New arguments to onbeforepaste
  • Improve formula caching
  • Filter translation for (blanks)
  • onwheel behavior improviment
  • New masking system
  • setExtensions
  • setDictionary
  • @Types

Jspreadsheet 7.9.11

  • The numeric type automatic converts the raw data to number when autoCasting is true.
  • Improviments on the formula precedence when cache is true
  • onbeforepaste from this version will receive an array.

Jspreadsheet 7.9.4

  • The product has been renamed

Jspreadsheet 7.8.2 (Jexcel)

  • Filter for individual columns
  • Update filters programatically
  • Validation property, native and custom rules
  • Disabled internal sequence option for new records

Jspreadsheet 7.7.9 (Jexcel)

  • Custom divisor for options in the dropdown

Jspreadsheet 7.7.2 (Jexcel)

  • Toolbar with options
  • Responsive autocomplete column
  • textEditor to force input [input type='text'] for column type='number'

Jspreadsheet 7.7.1 (Jexcel)

  • New events to customize the search results: onbeforesearch and onsearch.

Jspreadsheet 7.7.0 (Jexcel)

If you migrate from 7.6.1 to 7.7.0 and are dealing with the DOM elements of the tabs using el.children[0], that is changed to el.tabs.headers.
  • New tabs with navigation.

Jspreadsheet 7.6.1 (Jexcel)

  • Apply filters programatically: filter(integer columnNumber, Object values)

Jspreadsheet 7.4.2 (Jexcel)

  • A new spreadsheet event: oncomments(DOMElement el, Object cells)

Jspreadsheet 7.4.0 (Jexcel)

  • New column methods: getColumnIdByName, getColumn, setColumn
  • executeFormula with optional x, y references.

Jspreadsheet 7.3.5 (Jexcel)

  • debugFormulas: true

Jspreadsheet 7.3.0 (Jexcel)

  • InternationalKeyboard initialization property
  • New jexcel_object class for external elements
  • Better searching/filtering integration

Jspreadsheet 7.2.0 (Jexcel)

  • Automatic scroll during dragging or selection
  • Freeze nested headers
  • Freeze index numbers

Jspreadsheet 7.1.6 (Jexcel)

  • Wildcard domain certificate licenses
  • Formula caching

Jspreadsheet 7.1.0 (Jexcel)

  • General formula engine refactoring
  • Cross-worksheet formula updates and fixes
  • Go-to to row method
  • Merge selected cells

Jspreadsheet 7.0.0 (Jexcel)

We are proud to release the new version of Jspreadsheet. More performance and better spreadsheet felling experience for the user.

  • Cross-worksheet spreadsheet formula support
  • Formula cache
  • Multiple filter and search combination
  • Spreadsheet with lazycolumns
  • New mergeCells controllers
  • Merge cell updates with insert/delete rows and columns
  • Copy and paste with formulas shift updates
  • Optimizations
  • New dragging/resizing controllers for columns and rows
  • New copy/paste behavior, closer to other software behaviors
  • Better record ids management
  • New arrow navigation
  • Calendar and dropdown options

Jspreadsheet 6 (Jexcel)

It was not released to the public.

Jspreadsheet 5.6.7 (Jexcel)

  • setProperty to render changes in the column.

Jspreadsheet 5.6.6 (Jexcel)

  • Copy and paste formulas
  • Formulas fixes on delete/insert rows
  • setConfig to change dimensions
  • setHeight to accept arrays of rows

Jspreadsheet 5.6.1 (Jexcel)

  • New flag and default: includeHiddenRowsOnCopy: false
  • filterOptions with more obvious behavior

Jspreadsheet 5.6.0 (Jexcel)

  • Full screen with toolbars and worksheet tabs
  • Worksheet new methods, and initial configuration
  • Dropodwn with extra properties and filterOptions
  • New toolbar with new default options

Jspreadsheet 5.5.0 (Jexcel)

  • New worksheet events
  • New worksheet actions on contextmenu
  • Security increase on formulas and editors
  • Jsuites v3 integration
  • Toolbars
  • New intersheet relation editor
  • Formula security

Jspreadsheet 5.0.0 (Jexcel)

  • Calendar filter, to create conditions before open
  • New detached borders and copying indication border
  • New formula and loading engine
  • New faster navegation options
  • Various different native column type implementations
  • New decouple custom column template object
  • New cells property capable to set a type for one specific cell
  • HTML content compabilibiliy
  • Complete data and configuration persistence support
  • Remote tables and table multiple users syncronization (Jspreadsheet Cloud)
  • Theme
  • Fixed formulas on footers
  • Formula can return DOM elements
  • Dynamic column type changing

Jspreadsheet 4.0.1

  • Freeze columns
  • Multiple columns resize
  • New smart key navigation
  • New smart merge cell methods
  • Support for large tables, only loads what is necessary when using lazyloading or pagination
  • Faster formula engine
  • New native formula methods
  • Super event: centralized event handler method
  • Easier backend integration

Jspreadsheet 3.6.0

  • Better formula parsing
  • New events
  • New initialization options
  • General fixes

Jspreadsheet 3.2.3

  • getMeta, setMeta methods
  • Npm package with jSuites
  • General fixes

Jspreadsheet 3.0.1

Jspreadsheet v3 is a complete rebuilt JavaScript Vanilla version. For that reason, it was not possible to keep complete compatibility with the previous version. If you are upgrading you might need to implement a few updates in your code.

The Jspreadsheet v3 brings a lot of great new features:

  • Drag and drop columns
  • Resizable rows
  • Merge columns
  • Search
  • Pagination
  • Lazy loading
  • Full-screen flag
  • Image upload
  • Native color picker
  • Better mobile compatibility
  • Better nested headers compatibility
  • Amazing keyboard navigation support
  • Better hidden column management
  • Great data picker: dropdown, autocomplete, multiple, group options and icons
  • Importing from XSLX (experimental)

Big improvements are included, such as:

  • A completely new formula engine with no external dependencies with much faster results.
  • Absolutely no selectors, means a much faster application
  • New native columns
  • No jQuery is required
  • React, Vue and Angular examples
  • XLXS support using a custom sheetjs (Experimental).

Jspreadsheet 2.1.0

We are glad to bring you the latest jquery plugin version, with the following improvements:

  • Mobile touch fixes
  • Paste fixes & New CSV parser

Jspreadsheet 2.0.0

  • New radio column
  • New dropdown with autocomplete and multiple selection options
  • Header/body separation for a better scroll/column resize behavior and compatibility
  • Better text-wrap including alt+enter excel compatibility
  • New set/get meta information
  • New set/get config parameters
  • New set/get programmatically cell style
  • New set/get cell comments
  • New table custom toolbar
  • New responsive calendar picker

Jspreadsheet 1.5.7

  • Checkbox column type improvements
  • Destroy jquery table updates

Jspreadsheet 1.5.1

  • Spreadsheet data overflow and fixed headers.
  • Navigation improvements

Jspreadsheet 1.5.0

  • Relative insertRow, deleteRow, insertColumn, deleteColumn.
  • Redo, Undo action tracker for insertRow, deleteRow, insertColumn, deleteColumn, moveRow
  • New formula column recursive chain
  • New alternative design option bootstrap-like.
  • updateSettings updates

Javascript spreadsheet examples

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  • Lazy loading
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  • Search and pagination
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  • Custom search
    How to customize the native spreadsheet search methods using onbeforesearch event.

  • Column types
    Learn more about the powerful column types. This example demonstrates all native column types and how to create your own custom type.

  • Advanced dropdown
    Examples of how to handle simple, advanced, multiple, autocomplete, and conditional dropdowns. Learn how to add groups and images to your dropdown column type.

  • Date and datetime picker
    A advanced calendar usage, date and datetime picker, valid date ranges, and conditional rendering.

  • Images
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  • Email and Links
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  • Progressbar
    Include a progress bar column type in your spreadsheet to create a better visual experience for your applications.

  • Autonumber
    Learn how to use the autonumber column type in your spreadsheet to enhance the syncing of the spreadsheet data with databases, as well as date persistence.

  • HTML editor
    Learn how to allow users to include rich text to your spreadsheet using the new HTML editor column type.

  • Custom column type
    How to create custom column types using Jspreasheet.

  • Programmatically updates
    Learn how to apply changes to your table programmatically. Learn how to add, delete and move columns and rows, sorting, and other options.

  • Spreadsheet Style
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  • Table Scripting
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  • Events
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  • Importing data
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  • My first basic spreadsheet
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  • Create a javascript spreadsheet from a CSV file
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  • Formulas
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  • Custom Formulas
    Unleash the power of your tables by bringing formulas and custom JavaScript methods to your spreadsheets.

  • Formulas across multiple worksheets
    How to use formulas across multiple worksheets.

  • Spreadsheet toolbars
    An example of how to enable or customize your JavaScript spreadsheet toolbar.

  • Column comments
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  • Headers
    Enable nested headers in your spreadsheet and learn how to set or get header values.

  • Translations
    How to translate default messages from Jspreadsheet.

  • Meta information
    Manage hidden information about your cells using meta information methods. Learn how to set and reveal hidden information.

  • Merged cells
    An example of how to merge cells in your JavaScript tables.

  • Sorting columns
    An example of how to sort the table by columns via JavaScript.

  • Readonly Columns
    How to use readonly columns and cells. Learn how to programmatically change the readonly status of one cell.

  • Custom Contextmenu
    How to use and customize the spreadsheet contextmenu. Learn how to add custom actions to your spreadsheet.

  • Freeze columns
    Set up a freeze columns in your spreadsheets.

  • Text wrapping
    How to setup the text wrap on the cells in your spreadsheet.

  • Create from a HTML table
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  • Dealing with remote IDs
    Learn how to manage and sync remote IDs of database records with your spreadsheets.

  • Data persistence
    Learn how data persistence can help you create exceptional online spreadsheets.

  • Including charts on your spreadsheets
    Learn how to include charts on your spreadsheets.

  • Jspreadsheet to XLS
    How to export the spreadsheet data to a XLS file.


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About Jspreadsheet

Inspired by other spreadsheet software, the Jspreadsheet Pro is a fully original JavaScript software created to facilitate data input and manipulation in web-based applications.

This software has two different distributions, the Community Edition (CE) and the Pro Edition. It is a lightweight alternative to other JavaScript spreadsheet libraries. Therefore, you whould be familiar migrating your data to Jspreadsheet Spreadsheet.