Comparison table

The main differences between the JSS distributions:
Distributions CE distribution Pro distribution
Feature CE Base Premium
License Free (MIT) Required Required
Spreadsheet-like formulas Yes Advanced Advanced
Copy and paste features Yes Advanced Advanced
Lazy loading Basic Yes Advanced*
Compatible with Formula Premium (Requires a special license) Yes Yes Yes
Cloud support No Yes Yes
Persistence support No Yes Yes
Plugins support No Yes Yes
Advance filtering and multiple column filtering No Yes Yes
Worksheets management No Yes Yes
Native persistance features Limited Yes Yes
Automatic formula update on copy and paste No Yes Yes
Automatic formula update on corner copy No Yes Yes
Formula returning DOM objects to cells. No Yes Yes
Cell renderer No Yes Yes
Cross worksheet calculations No No Yes
Editor definitions at a cell level No Yes Yes
Native validations No No Yes
Columns and rows grouping No No Yes
Defined names (Range and variables) No No Yes
Premium extensions Paid Paid Free
Certificate management API No No Yes

More details

Worksheets management

It includes events and actions such as drag-and-drop, delete or rename a worksheet, add a new worksheet button, and the context menu.

Persistence support

The native persistence features include the internal row id, internal sequences, update row id, saving methods, and persistence plugin integration.

Advanced lazyloading

A better DOM management is offered with pagination and lazy loading on the PRO distributions, creating and showing the DOM elements only when is needed. From version 8, the lazyloading is based on the viewport and extends the virtual DOM management to the columns.

Definitions at a cell level

The Pro distribution allow the developer to define configurations at a cell level, such as masking, format, type, among the other properties available.

Premium extensions

The list of premium extensions is available here.