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Our JavaScript Data Grid Solution

Welcome to the Jspreadsheet FAQ page. Here, you'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our comprehensive JavaScript library for creating advanced data grids and spreadsheet-like controls. Whether using React, Angular, Vue, or another framework, learn how Jspreadsheet can enhance your data manipulation and analysis tasks.

What is Jspreadsheet?

Jspreadsheet is a comprehensive, lightweight JavaScript library designed to develop web-based data grids with advanced spreadsheet-like controls. It offers an array of functionalities that emulate the features found in Excel, accommodating a broad range of applications, from basic data entry tasks to sophisticated data manipulation and analysis.

How do I integrate Jspreadsheet into my project?

Jspreadsheet can be installed using various methods, including the Node Package Manager (NPM), Content Delivery Network (CDN), or directly downloading the library files. Detailed instructions on the installation process can be found at:

What are the differences between Jspreadsheet Pro and CE?

Jspreadsheet Pro and CE differ significantly in terms of capabilities and target applications. Jspreadsheet Pro is tailored to develop professional-grade applications, emphasizing enhanced performance and a comprehensive suite of spreadsheet-like features. It offers a high degree of compatibility with conventional spreadsheet software. It includes numerous browser-based extensions, such as XLSX file import/export, an extensive set of Excel-compatible formulas, data validations, floating charts, and more.

What are the supported data types?

Jspreadsheet data grids can be constructed using JS 2D arrays, JSON objects, CSV, or XLSX files.

Is Jspreadsheet mobile-compatible?

Jspreadsheet provides various mobile-friendly controls, including dragging multiple cells and opening responsive editors.

Is Jspreadsheet compatible with React, Angular, or Vue?

Jspreadsheet is a framework-agnostic data grid library and can be utilized alongside any JavaScript framework, including but not limited to React, Angular, and Vue. Dedicated wrappers are available specifically for integrating Jspreadsheet with React and Vue.

Is an internet connection required to run or validate a Jspreadsheet license?

An active internet connection is unnecessary for running Jspreadsheet or validating its license. The license validation process is conducted on the client side within the browser, eliminating the need for an internet connection.

What kind of technical support is available?

Jspreadsheet offers professional support, including detailed documentation, an active user community, and dedicated customer support for Pro users. Technical support can be requested via webchat, email, or GitHub, assisting developers with integration, usage, and troubleshooting issues.

Can I customize the look and feel of Jspreadsheet to match my application's design?

Yes, Jspreadsheet offers a high degree of customization. You can modify styles, colours, and fonts to match your application's design. Jspreadsheet employs CSS, facilitating the alteration of your data grid's appearance. Additionally, it provides plugins and events to customize behaviour, create programmatic controls, and much more.

Is there a trial period or demo available for Jspreadsheet Pro?

Jspreadsheet offers a 30-day trial with free technical support. Following this period, you can extend your trial for an equal period without technical support for as long as you need.