Data Grid Server

Import from Google Sheets

The Jspreadsheet Server extension is a NodeJS plugin to run as a backend service on your servers. It consists of an API server and WebSocket services that enable real-time collaboration and dynamic interactivity with spreadsheets. Utilizing the Jspreadsheet Server (JSS) extension lets you keep your private information centralized on your server without sharing it with large corporations. The extension offers various features, including retrieving real-time data from a spreadsheet through the server API.

  • Version Control: Track changes in spreadsheets over time with snapshot-based version control.
  • Privacy Preferences and Sharing: Manage your spreadsheets' access permissions and privacy settings.
  • Real-time Sharing and Collaboration: Collaborate with others on the same spreadsheet in real-time.
  • Powerful Relational Worksheets: Create interconnected databases within your spreadsheets using complex relationships between worksheets.
  • Easy Deployment of Online Databases: Quickly deploy online databases with spreadsheet like interfaces.
  • Real-time Data Sharing: Share data in real-time, ensuring all users can access the latest information.
  • Lightweight and User-Friendly: Enjoy a smooth user experience with spreadsheet-like controls.
  • API and WebSockets: Benefit from seamless integration and communication between your applications and Jspreadsheet Server through API and WebSocket support.

Incorporating Jspreadsheet Server into your workflow gives you powerful spreadsheet functionalities, efficient collaboration, and the ability to manage your data securely on your own servers.


How to install


Available with the Enterprise Plus plan.


This product is going to be released on September 2022.