Documentation Jspreadsheet Client API

The Jspreadsheet API is a PHP library to make it possible to publish actions from the backend to the spreadsheet interface and connect its data with any other application. With the API and Jspreadsheet Cloud you would be able to create amazing real-time solutions, such as:

  • Real-time spreadsheet
  • Transform simple spreadsheets in live database relational applications
  • Data persistence and automatic backups
  • Serverless spreadsheets

To use this API you should have a Jspreadsheet Cloud Account where you can generate your secret Access Key and create your online spreadsheets.

Getting started

The Jspreadsheet Client API is available in PHP.

% composer install jspreadsheet/client

Account and Keys

To connect to your spreadsheet and data, you will need the API key and a spreadsheet identifier. The secret API key can be generated using your Jspreadsheet Account. With this key, you can perform any read and write actions to your spreadsheets and data, so it should be used wisely. Non authorized use of your key can create a lot of problems, so be cautious. You are responsible to keep it safe.

Secret Key

You can generate or regenerate your API key on your Jspreadsheet Profile Account.

Unique spreadsheet identifier

You can create a new spreadsheet from your workspace.

Create your first example

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use jspreadsheet\Jspreadsheet;

// Access token

// Spreadsheet Guid
$guid = '15eb1171-5a64-45bf-be96-f52b6125a045';

// Create a new client
$client = new Jspreadsheet($token);

// Get the spreadsheet instance
$spreadsheet = $client->getSpreadsheet($guid)->getColumns()->getWidth();

// Result [40, 40, 45]