Jspreadsheet Api

Spreadsheet configuration

For any request, please make sure the spreadsheet is public, or for private spreadsheets you have onwership or have designer level to the designed spreadsheet guid. For the study of the data operations, please consider the following public spreadsheet.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use jspreadsheet\Jspreadsheet;

// You can create an account and generate your keys at jspreadsheet.com
define('access_token', 'your-jspreadsheet-api-key');

// Create the Jspreadsheet Api with the Api Key
$client = new Jspreadsheet('ZzAsMzQ0YWI1MmMzZjQwZjQ4MmQ6YWM2Njg3MzgwZWVmNDVkYzExZjJlN1==');

// Get the spreadsheet instance and request configuration
$data = $client->getSpreadsheet('946f23e8-ecd5-459c-b377-cc0c93200457')->getConfig();