Spreadsheet Nested Headers

This section covers the methods to handle with the spreadsheet nested headers.



The following methods are available to interact with the spreadsheet nested headers programmatically.
setNestedHeader Remove the current nested header, if any, and set the new nested header.
setNestedHeader(nestedHeader: Nested[][]): Promise<void>
@param nestedHeader - new nested header.

POST /api/:guid/nested
setNestedHeaderCell Modify the properties of a nested header cell.
setNestedHeaderCell(x: number, y: number, properties: Nested): Promise<void>
@param x - horizontal cell position.
@param y - vertical cell position.
@param properties - new cell properties.

POST /api/:guid/nested/update
resetNestedHeader Remove nested header.
resetNestedHeader(): Promise<void>

DELETE /api/:guid/nested