Data Grid Cell Caching


The cache feature allows a formula's result to be stored, accelerating the loading time of a new spreadsheet.



The following methods can be used to get or set comments in one or multiple data grid cells.

Method Description
getCache Get the cache for a cell.
worksheetInstance.getCache(cellName: String)
setCache Set the cache for one or more cells.
@param {string|object} cellName - Identification of a cell or an object with multiple definitions
@param {string?} value
worksheetInstance.setCache(cellName: String | object, value?: String)

Initial Settings

The following properties are available through the initialization of the online spreadsheet.

Property Description
cache: object Object with the initial cache values. Example: { A1: 'test', B1: 'another test' }


Loading formula values from cache

To optimize formula value caching in Jspreadsheet, initialize the spreadsheet with the configuration set to use cached data for formulas. This approach speeds up the loading of pre-calculated values, improving performance and user experience, particularly in data-heavy scenarios.

// Create the spreadsheet
let worksheets = jspreadsheet(document.getElementById('spreadsheet'), {
    worksheets: [{
        minDimensions: [10,10],
        data: [
        cache: { A1: 100 },