Spreadsheet helpers

This section provides more details about some useful methods for creating methods in your online spreadsheets.



Method Description
getColumnName(number) Get the column letter based on a number.
jspreadsheet.helpers.getColumnName(columnNumber: Number) => String
getColumnNameFromCoords(number, number) Get the spreadsheet-like cell name from the coordinates.
jspreadsheet.helpers.getColumnName(x: Number, y: Number) => String
getCoordsFromColumnName(string) Get the coordinates from the spreadsheet-like cell name.
jspreadsheet.helpers.getCoordsFromColumnName(cellName: String) => [Number, Number]
shiftFormula(string, number, number) Update all variables from a formula based a shift of x, y positions.
jspreadsheet.helpers.shiftFormula(formula: String, x: Number, y: Number) => String
createFromTable(DOMElement, options) Extract the configuration to create a new spreadsheet from a static HTML element.
jspreadsheet.helpers.createFromTable(element: HTMLElement, options: Object) => Object
parseCSV(string, string) Transform a CSV string into an array.
jspreadsheet.helpers.parseCSV(data: String, delimiter: String) => Array
getTokensFromRange(string) Extract the tokens from a range. Example: getTokensFromRange('A1:A10'); // returns [A1,A2,A3,A4...]
jspreadsheet.helpers.getTokensFromRange(range: String) => Array
getRangeFromTokens(array) Get the range from an array of tokens.
jspreadsheet.helpers.getRangeFromTokens(tokens: Array) => String
getCoordsFromRange(string) Get the coordinates from a range string. Example: getTokensFromRange('A1:A10'); // returns [0,0,0,9]
jspreadsheet.helpers.getCoordsFromRange(range: string) => Array

Worksheets shortcut to the helpers

On the most recent versions the instance of the worksheets provides a shortcut to the helpers.