• Getting started Jspreadsheet Pro
    Getting started with Jspreadsheet Pro. Learning the basics, create your first online spreadsheet, and get more information about the JSS web-based spreadsheets.

  • The JavaScript spreadsheet quick reference
    A quick reference summary with all spreadsheet methods, variables, events and settings.

  • Spreadsheet performance
    What are the important aspects that can cause an impact on the spreadsheet performance and how to get the best of the Jspreadsheet Pro.

  • Jspreadsheet distributions comparison table
    Compare the main difference between the Jspreadsheet distributions.

  • Migrating to version 8
    Discover what is new with version 8. Find more about how to migrate from previous versions to Jspreadshee version 8.

  • Most common questions
    The most common technical questions about JSS - the online spreadsheet.

  • Spreadsheet helpers
    From version 8 some useful methods are grouped and available using the Jspreadsheet.helpers object. In this section will bring more information about the usage of each method.

  • Spreadsheet Cells
    Find out more about the events, methods, and settings related to the spreadsheet cells property. Learn how to overwrite column settings at the cell level.

  • Spreadsheet columns
    Learn how to deal with the spreadsheet columns, their settings, methods, and related events.

  • Cells comments
    Learn more about the spreadsheet cell comments, their methods, events and settings.

  • Context menu
    How to customize or disabled the web-based spreadsheet context menu.

  • Configurations
    The configuration holds various properties to controls the behavior of the spreadsheet and its worksheets. Learn more about each of the available options.

  • Spreadsheet data
    Learn all the different ways to load and manipulate the worksheet data of your online spreadsheets, including methods for programmatically updates and all related events to help integrate the spreadsheet with various applications.

  • Column filters
    This section covers more about filters for columns. How to use and customize, and details of the available methods and events.

  • Spreadsheet footers
    The spreasheet footers helps to sticky information on the bottom of the table, including formulas and data summaries.

  • Excel-like formulas
    Integrate excel-like formulas on online spreadsheets and create amazing applications that work and feel like a spreadsheet.

  • Freeze columns
    Learn how to sticky an arbitrary number of floating columns on the left side of the spreadsheet.

  • Headers
    Learn to add custom headers to your spreadsheet and how to change those programmatically.

  • Spreadsheet history changes
    Learn how to interact with the history tracker of your spreadsheet.

  • Images
    Handle images on the cells of your online spreadsheet.

  • Merge cells
    How to create and manage merged cells on your online spreadsheets.

  • Cell meta information
    Meta information is the easier way to store hidden information about the spreadsheet cells.

  • Spreadsheet nested headers
    How to create and manage nested headers and how to change those programmatically.

  • Spreadsheet pagination
    Learn how to intercept, cancel or customize the pagination behavior using the onbeforechangepage events.

  • Persistence
    All the important points about the persistence of the data and the properties of the spreadsheet.

  • Spreadsheet Rows
    Learn how to insert, delete or move rows, all the methods, and events related to the rows management.

  • Spreadsheet search
    Learn how to set up the spreadsheet search, and how to intercept, cancel or customize the search behavior using the onbeforesearch events.

  • Sorting the spreadsheet columns
    All information about the spreadsheet sorting, events, programmatically sorting, sorting customization methods, and initial spreadsheet settings.

  • Spreadsheet and cell styling
    How to apply CSS to the cells of your spreadsheets. Learn how to handle style programmatically and tracking the related events.

  • Toolbars
    This section covers more information on how to add and customize the spreadsheet toolbar.

  • Worksheets properties, methods and events.
    How to set up and handle worksheets programmatically. Learn more about all worksheets properties and settings.

  • Spreadsheet events
    This section brings a summary of all spreadsheet events. Also, learn more about the specific JS events and the global event dispatcher.

  • Spreadsheet editors
    Editors are a very flexible and powerful way to transform simple spreadsheets into amazing web-based applications. Learn more about the native editors and how to build your own editors.

  • Plugins and extensions
    Enhance or create new features on Jspreadsheet Pro using plugins.

  • Dropdown and autocomplete
    Learn more about the native javascript dropdown and autocomplete editor. Create advanced conditional javascript dropdown editors.

  • Javascript Calendar
    This section is dedicated to the calendar input type, date operations, formatting, and other related date features.

  • International settings
    Jspreadsheet Pro translations and international settings.

  • Appearance
    Change the spreadsheet appearance using the native modern CSS classes.

  • Theme editor
    Customize the spreadsheet styling using the online theme editor.

  • Spreadsheets charts
    Quick start on the chartjs extension for the Jspreadsheet Pro

  • React spreadsheets
    An example of how to integrate Jspreadsheet with React.

  • Vue spreadsheets
    An example of how to integrate Jspreadsheet with Vue.

  • Angular spreadsheets
    An example of how to integrate Jspreadsheet with Angular.

  • Jquery spreadsheet
    An example of how to integrate Jspreadsheet with jQuery.

  • Spreadsheet formats
    This section brings details on how to format numbers and dates on your JSS spreadsheets.

  • JavaScript grid selection
    This section brings more information about properties, events and methods to deal with the javascript grid selection.

  • Spreadsheet viewport
    More information about the viewport, how to change the dimensions programmatically and all related events and settings to the viewport, lazyloading and more.