Migrating to version 8


We believe that version upgrades should be as smooth as possible. We have managed to keep an outstanding level of compatibility so far, but version 8 brings some new concepts and possibilities, which required fundamental changes and additions. This document contains a summary of the most important aspects the developer should be aware of when migrating from previous versions to version 8.

In previous versions, Jspreadsheet (formerly Jexcel) had component structure based only on worksheets, so there was no proper way to hold common elements between the worksheets, which caused unnecessary duplications. To improve that, we introduced the spreadsheet object as a parent. The spreadsheet object contains the common global attributes, including access to the worksheet instances.


Up to version 7
jspreadsheet(document.getElementById('spreadsheet'), {
    minDimensions: [10, 10],
    toolbar: true,
    onchange: function() {
        // Do something
    // Declare for each worksheet
    license: 'your-license'

From version 8
// Set the spreadsheet license just once.

// Create the spreadsheet with three worksheets
jspreadsheet(document.getElementById('spreadsheet'), {
    // Create 3 blank worksheets
    worksheets: [
        { minDimensions: [10, 10] },
        { minDimensions: [10, 10] }
        { minDimensions: [10, 10] }
    // One toolbar to serve all worksheets
    toolbar: true,
    // Events need to be declared just on the spreadsheet level only once
    onchange: function() {
        // Do something

Global license declaration

From version 8, it is possible to declare the license just once. That will be valid for all spreadsheets, worksheets and extensions.
// Declare the license just once

// Use the spreadsheet
jspreadsheet(document.getElementById('spreadsheet'), {
    worksheets: [{
        minDimensions: [10, 10],
        columns: [
            { type: 'text', width:300 },
            { type: 'text', width:80 },

CSS Class names

We renamed all CSS class prefix names from .jexcel to .jss. That better represents the product name.

Spreadsheet configuration updates

options updated

From version 8, there are two attributes for the configuration. Common attributes, such as the events, toolbar and others have been moved to spreadsheet.config. All other worksheet-specific attributes are available as they were in the worksheet.options.

updateTable updated

If you use updateTable for automation, you must update the arguments to:

Text deprecated

The property text for translations is deprecated. Please use Jsuites.dictionary for translations, click here for more information.

JSON deprecated

Up to version 7, there were different properties when loading the data from JSON or array. From version 8, please use the data property.

internationalKeyboard deprecated

This property is deprecated since the new editors are compliant with foreign languages and IME.

tableOverflowResizable deprecated

This property is not implemented. For resizing: setViewport(w,h) is available.

copyCompatibility deprecated

This property was introduced to maintain compatibility with older versions. The developer could choose between the raw data or the processed data when the user was copying or exporting the data from the spreadsheet. The behavior should be similar to other spreadsheet software such as Excel or Google Sheets.

columns.editor deprecated

The property editor from the column settings is deprecated. To create custom editors please use the type property. The template for the editors has also changed. More information can be found in the custom editors documentation page.

lazyLoading deprecated

The smart DOM management will be enabled when pagination, fullscreen or tableOverflow is used.

colHeaders deprecated

Please use: columns.title

colWidths deprecated

Please use: columns.width

colAlignments deprecated

Please use: columns.align

Cache deprecated

Cache is now default for all operations. Cached values are available at worksheets.records[y][x].v

Spreadsheet features


In previous versions, there was one toolbar per worksheet. From version 8 on, the toolbar element is accessible from the spreadsheet object and will be the same for all worksheets.


In previous versions, a new DOM element was created for every cell edition. From version 8 on, the same DOM element will be used during the cell edition. This element is floating in the viewport and not linked to the cell as before. The object is available using the path spreadsheet.input or worksheet.parent.input

Instance shortcut

The following property brings an array with the worksheets. document.getElementById('spreadsheet').jexcel - (Deprecated).

Please use

document.getElementById('spreadsheet').jspreadsheet or


Delete key is deprecated to delete columns or rows. It would be replaced for CTRL -.


In previous versions, the first argument for each event was the DOMElement element. From version 8 on, the first argument in each event will gives the worksheet object which originated the event.


The arguments have changed to onchangestyle(worksheet Object, newValue Array, oldValue Array);


The properties col and row are no longer available. Please use x and y. { x: x, y: y, value: value, col: col, row, row }



From version 8 on, it will return the worksheet index number.

Nested headers methods

There were changes in the methods names to interact with the nested headers. Please take a look on the nestedHeaders section for more information


We have grouped the helpers in a single object. For example to convert a number in a spreadsheet like cellName.

jspreadsheet.helpers.getColumnNameFromCoords(x, y);
jspreadsheet.helpers.getCoordsFromColumName(cellName); // Such as A1, A2...

jspreadsheeet.helpers.guid() deprecated
Replaced by jSuites.guid()

parseType and parseNumber are deprecated

Please use jSuites.mask.extract() .