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Spreadsheet Formulas

Jspreadsheet implements several spreadsheet-like formulas. This way provides a very nice compatibility mode with the major spreadsheet software, such as Excel or Google spreadsheet.

From the Jspreadsheet Pro v7+, we brought many new features in relation to the formulas, such as:

  • Automatic formula update on copy and paste
  • Automatic formula update on corner copy
  • Cross worksheet calculations

Future updates

To bring the spreadsheets inline with modern software and extend the capabilities, the major futures updates are to bring range operations and custom global variables

Available formulas

We currently maintain a repository with an open source implementation of various excel like formulas adapted to run in a web-based environment.

Special formulas

To support the usage of formulas jspreadsheet brings a few special formulas that are available to help relative calculations.

Method Example
=TABLE() Return the jspreadsheet table instance
=COLUMN() Return the column number where the formula has been executed
=ROW() Return the row number where the formula has been executed
=CELL() Return the cell string identification
=VALUE(int, int) Return the cell value based on the colNumber and rowNumber

Click here to see an example