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Learn how to deal programmatically with worksheets. Click here to see a working example.


Available initialization properties.

Property Description
tabs Show tabs and allow the user to create new worksheets. Default: false
worksheetName Worksheet title. Default: Sheet {number}
allowDeleteWorksheet Add a delete worksheet option to the contextMenu. Default: true
allowRenameWorksheet Add a rename worksheet option to the contextMenu. Default: true
allowMoveWorksheet Allow worksheet drag and drop options. Default: true


Available methods to interact programmatically with the worksheets.

Property Description
createWorksheet(object) Create a new table worksheet based on a given configuration.
createWorksheet(configuration: object)
getWorksheet(object) Get the worksheet position based on a table instance.
getWorksheet(instance: object) => number
openWorksheet(number) Set worksheet as active by worksheetNumber starting in zero.
openWorksheet(worksheetNumber: number)
renameWorksheet(number, string) Change a worksheet title.
renameWorksheet(worksheetNumber: number, worksheetName: string)
deleteWorksheet(number) Delete worksheet.
deleteWorksheet(worksheetNumber: number)

Available events

The worksheet available events.

Event Description
onbeforecreateworksheet Before create a new worksheet, should return the configuration of the new table
oncreateworksheet When a new worksheet is created
onrenameworksheet when a worksheet is renamed
ondeleteworksheet When a worksheet is deleted
onmoveworksheet When a worksheet position is changed