Jspreadsheet v7 Documentation

The JavaScript Spreadsheet is one of the best tools for data management on the Internet.

  • Getting started
    Getting started with Jspreadsheet. Learning the basics, create instances, and more about the general spreadsheet configuration.

  • The basics
    The basics of Jspreadsheet. How to change the column width, rows height, header titles, etc.

  • Formulas
    How to use formulas on your online spreadsheets.

  • Programmatically changes
    How to interact with your Jspreadsheet and tables through javascript.

  • Appearance
    How to customize the appearance of your spreadsheets.

  • Handling events
    How to handle events on your javascript spreadsheet.

  • Editors
    Create a great user experience using column editors

  • Plugins

  • Worksheet support
    How to handle worksheets programatically using methods events and properties.

  • Quick reference
    A quick reference of all methods, configuration variables, events and language.

  • Special formulas
    A quick list of extended and special native formulas

  • Most common questions
    Library of the most common questions and answers

  • Color theme editor
    Customize Jspreadsheet visual using the color theme editor

  • Charts extensions
    Quick start on the chartjs extension for Jspreadsheet